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Aluminium G Profile Handle For Wardrobe And Kitchen Cabinet

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Aluminium G Handle Profile

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Aluminum Profile Handles G handle

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G Profile Aluminium Handles

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Aluminium Profiles and Handles

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G Shape Aluminum Cabinet Handles

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Kicthen G Profile Cabinet Handles

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Aluminum G Profile Handle Supplier

The aluminium g handle profile produced by Xingda has an overall streamlined design, which is in line with ergonomics. The rounded corners and arcs of the aluminium g handle profile have been processed to fit the hand and prevent collision with the paddle, making it safe and worry-free. The simple design style of aluminium g handle profiles is deeply recognized and welcomed by the international market. Xingda have established long-term cooperation with customers in Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and other countries.

G Shape Aluminum Cabinet Handles

Directly supplied from factories in Guangdong, China, Xingda aluminum g profile handle have hundreds of tons of finished products in stock and can be shipped quickly. Stylish minimalist aluminum furniture system with simple and luxurious style.

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Where are aluminum g profile handle used?

aluminum g profile handle is a common home decoration accessory, mainly used for door decoration and easy opening of furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. The following are some application scenarios of aluminum g profile handle:

• Cabinet doors and drawers: aluminum g profile handle are often used on the fronts of cabinets and drawers to provide a convenient grip, making opening and closing more convenient.

• Kitchen furniture: In kitchen furniture, aluminum g profile handle are usually used for cabinet doors, making kitchen operations more convenient and easy to clean.

• Office furniture: aluminum g profile handle are also commonly found in office furniture such as desks and filing cabinets, providing users with a convenient place to hold their hands and improving comfort.

• Bathroom furniture: Use aluminum g profile handle on bathroom cabinets and drawers, which are both convenient to operate and beautify the space.

• Other furniture and decorations: In addition to the main application scenarios mentioned above, aluminum g profile handle are also commonly used in other furniture and decorations, such as bedside tables, bookcases, etc.

Installation steps of kitchen door aluminum G profile handle?

The installation of kitchen door aluminium g profile handle is relatively simple. The following are the general steps:

1. Prepare materials: 1.aluminium g profile handle;2.screw;3.screwdriver

2. Determine the location:Determine the installation position of the aluminium g profile handle on the cabinet door. Typically, aluminium handle are installed on the side or top of cabinet doors.

3. Mark hole locations:Using a pencil or other marking tool, mark the location of the screw holes at the identified locations.

4. Drilling:Using a hand or power drill, drill holes in the marked locations. Make sure the diameter of the hole is suitable for the screw chosen.

5. Install the handle:Place the aluminium g profile handle on the pre-drilled hole and secure the handle to the cabinet door through the screw hole.

6. Tighten the screws:Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws one by one to make sure the handle is securely installed.

7. Check for stability:After the handle is installed, check whether it is stable and not loose.

8. Clean up the scene:Clean the installation site to make sure no tools or debris are left behind.

These steps are the basic process for installing aluminium g profile handle under normal circumstances. It is best to ensure that the position of the holes is accurate before installation to avoid affecting the appearance and stability of the handle.

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